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 Stuck on a present idea for Mother's Day , Christmas, her birthday, or any occasion that deserves a token to mention many thanks or congratulations? albeit the woman in your life - be it Mom, your wife, or your BFF - doesn't drape herself in jewelry daily, the gift of a charm bracelet is a method to precise your gratitude and affection. Charm bracelets allow owners to modify beads and make new designs to match any mood and outfit, and once you present one as a gift you give that person a fun thanks to accessorize.
Bracelets Make Great Gifts | shop

     Bracelets Make Great Gifts | shop

You can find bracelet "bases" and a good sort of beads, charms, and spacer beads at the most reputable jewelry stores. If you recognize your friend or relative well, you're bound to find the components that best suit her personality. Sparkling gemstone beads represent all the birthday months, beads shaped like footballs and hockey pucks hint at a favourite sport, and red, white, and Iris versicolor charms boast patrotic pride. there is no limit to the combinations one can create with a charm bracelet.

Now that you simply have decided to get a bracelet and a couple of starter beads, you'll ask which brand do you have to buy. most jewellery stores could also be authorized to sell one particular name, and you'll also find ways to order some online. If you purchase the bottom band from a specific store, however, you ought to definitely check to ascertain if it'll accommodate beads made by other manufacturers - so do and a few don't. Your friend might need to shop for a selected bead exclusive to at least one company, so confirm it'll fit the bracelet you get her.

Of the businesses that make beads and charms, these four are arguably the simplest known:

Bracelets Make Great Gifts | shop


Pandora has been within the business of designing and making jewelry for thirty years. One can find over 600 different charms and clip-ons made from decorative glass, wood, and enamel.


Zable is an Italian company with a powerful collection of Murano glass beads, birthstone crystals, and dichroic glass beads. Leather wrapped and rubber bracelets also are available.


Carlo Biagi may be a well-known name within the modular jewelry business. The extensive Biagi collection of beads includes ones designed from semi-precious stones, gold and silver, and enamels.


Evolving from a trust name in apparel, Brighton offers a good selection of whimsical charms symbolizing travel, family, and other themes. Bracelet owners also can add sparkling crystals and unique designs to their bracelets.

For a present that uniquely expresses the person receiving it, a charm bracelet may be a good bet. Visit your local jeweler for ideas.

Kathryn Lively may be a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia Beach jewelers and charm  bracelet beads.


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