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 This month, June, is a component of the sign of Gemini, the twins. The gemstone most related to this zodiac sign is agate. Also related to the month of June are the Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite. Also said to be appropriate is Citrine and Tiger's Eye. a stunning lot of stones!

Horoscope jewelry Nice gifts | shopping

       Horoscope jewelry Nice gifts | shopping

Agate comprises one among the most important families of gemstones, including varieties like agate , onyx, and fire agate. it's a tough stone, around 7 on the Mohs scale , and it's often found made up as brooches, because it are often dig slices to point out off the bands, or carved. Wearing agate is supposed to form the wearer a nicer person, so perhaps it might make a pleasant present for a grumpy person you know!

Tiger's Eye is so called because the bottom colour is brown with stripes of yellow and gold, thus resembling the attention of the tiger when cut and polished. it's a member of the quartz family and is claimed to guard the wearer from negative influences. it's also related to children and thus it's an appropriate gift for a toddler .

Citrine may be a yellow or orange stone often found set in bracelets or necklaces. it's long been related to the sun because of its golden colour. it's a mild grounding stone which is an aid to focusing the mind. Useful when writing articles like this!

Pearls are a perennial favourite and were referred to as 'Angel's Tears' by the Greeks, who began their association with weddings and bridal gifts. Pearl drop earrings are a gorgeous gift, and in fact they're wonderful in necklaces and bracelets. Most pearls on the market today are synthetically made.

Horoscope jewelry Nice gifts | shopping

Moonstone may be a highly-regarded gemstone that has been held to be sacred by many various cultures through the ages, including the Indians and therefore the Arabs. The Romans even considered them to be made up of moonlight! In healing, it's considered to be good for the abdominal area, and to assist ease period pains and menstrual cramps. it's considerably a woman's stone, even considered to balance the emotions and aid fertility. Moonstone is typically found set in rings, pendants and earrings. It can even be found in unusual engagement rings.

Alexandrite is extremely rare and expensive, noted and prized for its colour-changing properties. In daylight it can appear to be green, but it turns red in artificial light. it's said to strengthen intuition and encourage the imagination.

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Written by Michelle Michaelis, who is basically curious about the stories behind gemstones and enjoys writing about them!

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