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 Ornamental chains - women will hardly wear them without a pendant. But, men can wear them even as easily. Yet, the planning of this type of jewelry is equally important to men and ladies . So, the kinds of chains for men and ladies are supported the structure of chain, sort of valuable or metals used and therefore the locking mechanism. Typically, only a few people got to research it thoroughly enough to settle on them supported all three specific criteria. So, let's inspect the common types you'll actually encounter and choose.
The Types Of Chains  |  shop new

       The Types Of Chains  |  shop new

Anchor chain

Inspired from the anchor attached to boat, this is often a really popular chain. It also has interesting flat version.


Also called as ball chain, the structure of this type of chain is that the round beads connected to at least one another. With a small space in between, these small beads create unique texture.

The Types Of Chains  |  shop new

A series of square boxes connected one after another, this is often a really masculine design and mostly used for chain for men. Though, men wear chains for fashion or religious purposes only, their designs are relatively more different than the fragile and stylish ones women prefer.


Also referred to as a link chain, this chain has created links of small circles that are inter-linked into each other .

Popcorn chain

A small variation of panther chain, this chain features a unique design that makes unique texture for the neckline.


This chain has flattened but inconsistent links. The alternating design has 2 to 2 short links after one long link. This non-uniform design features a crazy following.


Flattened square links are interlinked to make a texture almost like box chain.

Snake chain

It is also referred to as Brazilian chain. it's a versatile chain made up for round wavy smooth metal plate. Since many of us find the design just like a snake.

There are a couple of more names you'll want to understand - byzantine, wheat, rope, rolo chains, etc. But, when men and ladies buy chains, they, for the foremost part, don't consider these specificity. only a few people got to research it thoroughly enough to settle on them supported all three specific criteria. They consider the valuable metal and therefore the quality, along side the design its texture will create. But, the very fact is that these names make it easier and faster to settle on as you'll invite the precise sort of chain which will best serve the aim .

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