Wedding Jewelry Accessories Trends For This Summer | shop new

 The summer wedding season is here-whether you're planning on getting hitched, or simply really love jewelry and accessories, here's a glance at what's hot in wedding jewelry and accessories for summer 2021, consistent with the experts at Vogue Paris and
Wedding Jewelry Accessories Trends For This Summer  |  shop new

Wedding Jewelry Accessories Trends For This                    Summer  |  shop new

Art deco is in - The vintage look has always had its place in wedding jewelry. For this summer, search for unique pieces that combine an antique look with modern style. Revisit your grandmother's jewelry box for pendants with photos, and ethnic necklaces and bracelets from the fatherland .

Animals and nature - Animal-inspired jewelry has been popular and continues to trend into this summer, so plow ahead and show your inner lioness with exotic animal-motif jewelry. search for faux animal product bracelets, faux cheetah or leopard fur necklaces, tiger or elephant head pendants, or feather earrings. Make it personal by selecting an animal that represents you best.

Green remains great - Pantone named emerald the colour of the year for 2013, and green remains great for this summer. Pay homage to your love of nature and therefore the outdoors with green gemstone jewelry. Brides-to-be, take note: emeralds are still hot in bridal jewelry, and emeralds are even taking the place of diamonds in many engagement rings.

Wedding Jewelry Accessories Trends For This Summer  |  shop new

Metals rock - Silver metals against tan skin add a touch of edge to your look. A recent study by the Silver Promotion Service showed that 46 percent of consumers prefer white metals for diamond jewelry. If you are feeling bold, accompany black diamonds on silver or bearing metal .

Neon colored highlights -Yes, girls still want to possess fun when it involves bright, '80s-inspired colors. choose neon green, pink, or yellow pieces to inject some '80s style into your summer wardrobe.

Odd pieces are in. If you're into large and unique jewelry, your personal style is trending this summer. Jewelry designers are beginning with off-the-beaten-path pieces using such stones as opals, topaz, and garnets for his or her unique colors. choose pieces and gemstones with a raw, organic, bohemian look.

Pastels say summer - Nothing says a spring or summer wedding like pastels. Innocence is in, so search for pastel-colored pearls in lavender or pink-and match your bridesmaids' dresses together with your pearls. At the office, add pastel colored-jewelry to offer your neutral-colored office outfits a pop of color.

Retro estate look. there is no shame in shopping estate sales, vintage stores, pawn shops, and yard sales. Estate jewelry is big, thanks partially to the success of the TV series Downton Abbey, so get out there and snatch some vintage looking pieces in time for flower tea.


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