WETA 5x 3.0 (NMF26F) , Extras 3v1

WETA 3.0

ROM Download here AFH

WETA Extras

WETA NMF26F bootloader/radio flashable zip

NMF26F Vendor.img

Updated to NMF26F 7.1.1


older versions…

WETA 2.0.1
I decided to add SuperSU 2.78 SR3 to auto install with rom as some people are getting good results, and it tested out good for me after a clean install.
– If you have any issues with root use CF-Autoroot

WETA 2.0
Updated to NBD91N Base
Updated ARISE to deut 2.3.3
Removed root for this build (issues)

WETA 1.3
Updated Busybox to 1.25.1
Updated ARISE to deuteronomy V2.1

WETA Extras 1v4
Added 4, 5 and 6 tile option for quicksettings

WETA 1.2
Updated ARISE Deuteronomy to V2.0
Updated Suhide to 0.55
Removed ARISE Numbers (just dead weight now)
Added Google Assistant option

WETA Extras 1v3.1
3minit repairs

WETA Extras 1v2
Fixed 3minit battery
Added 3minit clock

WETA Extras 1v1
This zip has mods,
3minit Battery
navbar heights

WETA 1.1
Initial build
Nexus Launcher
Weta Reboot
WETA Audio
ARISE Numbers
ARISE Deuteronomy
SuperSU 2.78 SR1