WETA Mod for Google Pixel XL

WETA Mod 3.1 (NMF26U)

Ive moved all mods from the now abandoned WETA rom into an Aroma installer that can be flashed over stock rooted firmware. This is based off the NMF26U firmware but should work on NMF26V also.


3.1 changes
Fixed V4A install and swap


How to install…

This is an aroma installer zip that you flash in TWRP.


9th Nov – V3
I have rebuilt all the 3minit, center clock and tile mods with fixes to stop the low battery notification popping up whenever the usb is unplugged. This update may fix random system ui crashes also. Only use on the November batch of firmwares.

7th Nov
All mods updated to work with NDE63X (read labels on files!)

6th Nov
Added 4, 5, 6 Quick setting tile row options

Added a mod for Center Clock only..

updated script to work with both sr3 and sr2 roots
Removed reboot command

2nd Nov
Added all mods for firmware NDE63P
– Be sure to choose the right download for your firmware or you may crash