WETA Audio mod Pixel (universal) 9.1

Audio mods (Pixel universal)

This version uses an Aroma installer and requires TWRP to flash. No more root explorer scripts.

WETA Audio Aroma installer – DOWNLOAD

Fixed V4A convolver and profile permissions
– FYI this will wipe out your /sdcard/ViPER4Android folder

Added Sony Music Player
WETA Reboot included
Busybox installer included
WETA Audio removal option included


WETA Audio MOD for Pixel devices, includes V4A – DOWNLOAD

WETA Audio MOD for Pixel devices, includes V4A – DOWNLOAD


Audio mods, mods removed, V4A and Atmos only (Pixel universal)
– These versions are for people having weird echoing audio while playing big games…

WETA Audio MOD -V4A and Atmos for Pixel devices, includes V4A – DOWNLOAD

WETA Audio MOD -V4A and Atmos only for Pixel devices, includes V4A – DOWNLOAD


Removes WETA Audio without having to flash stock

WETA Audio removal script – DOWNLOAD


Just to be safe, run the removal zip before swapping out any audio mods!!!

WETA Audio 8 + 8b + V4ADA1_V6 + V4ADA2_V6
More audio_policy_config tweaks for spotify

WETA Audio 7 + 7b + V4ADA1_V5 + V4ADA2_V5
removed modification of audio_policy_config file

WETA Audio V4ADA1_V4 + V4ADA2_V4
Lots of permission fixed
Altered audio_effects.conf
fixed, fixed , fixed

WETA Audio V4ADA1_V2 + V4ADA2_V2
Updated to remove lines in build.prop
Updated audio_effects.conf

WETA Audio V4ADA1 + V4ADA2
Added these two versions for people finding echoing while gaming
– No other audio mods present. Only V4A and Atmos

WETA Audio #6 + #6b
Changed script so it will work on both sr2 and sr3 roots
removed reboot command from script, (you must reboot manually)

3rd Nov
altered scripts to work with SuperSU SR3

WETA Audio #5 + #5b
Script modifications to be more universal for build.prop mod
– no longer replaces build.prop, now appends to file instead, keeping existing mod lines

WETA Audio #4 + #4b
Glaring mistake on my part which affects the “behind the scenes” auidio mods and drivers associated with xloud and beats etc.
– Added build.prop lines for these mods.
This mod now flashes a modified build.prop, meaning if you have any build.prop mods, you will need to reapply them after flashing this mod.