WETA Rom for Google Marlin/Pixel XL V2.3

WETA Rom V2.3 (Pixel XL)

2.3 changes:
Deodexed Framework (smaller zip size)
Debloated apps available on playstore
Zipaligned all apks
Different system install method
– No more need for 1.8gb of tmp space for install

I firmly recommend updating to full stock NMF26O/Q if coming from 7.1, and booting into it. Then rooting before flashing the ROM

There have also been issues with TWRP RC1, so stick with Alpha 2 for now.

ROM 2.3 odexed Download here AFH

ROM 2.3 deodexed Download here AFH

ROM 2.2.1 Download here AFH

NMF26Q kernel/boot.img

NMF26Q bootloader.img

NMF26Q radio.img

NMF26Q Vendor.img

old changes…
Fixed V4A Convolver and Profile permissions
– FYI this will wipe out your /sdcard/ViPER4Android folder

Updated to NMF26Q
– small fixes to cell reception and sms

Added Remove NavBar option
Updated Google TTS
Updated/Added GBoard
Added Dark Boot Animation option

Based off Dec update NMF26O
All mods working


1.0.5 changes:
Added Verizon sim option
– hopefully eliminates the update nag

1.0.4 changes:
Added AdAway adblocking app
Added Busybox install to system
Added System tweak scripts, zipalign + sqlite

1.0.3 changes:
Added Walkman Music Player
Added V4A convolvers and profiles
Added Adblocking hosts file
Added Tethering hack (may work)
Added 1 Verizon apk to debloat

ROM Download here AFH

NDE63V kernel/boot.img

NDE63V bootloader.img

NDE63V radio.img

NDE63V Vendor.img


WETA Rom V1.1 beta (Pixel XL)

This Version is based off of the leaked OTA NPF26J update.
It includes double tap to wake etc. The only issue is that the method to decompile and modify the apks needed to get center clock, 3minit and tile options is broken.
They are not included in this beta version. Navbar height is still there though.

BETA ROM Download here AFH

Aroma IMG installer – (flashes needed vendor.img)

Be sure to flash vendor.img BEFORE the rom!!!


NDE63X Base (verizon)

ROM Download here AFH

NDE63X kernel/boot.img

NDE63X bootloader.img

NDE63X radio.img

NDE63X Vendor.img


updated V version to 1.0.2

Added Boot slot options X version only for now
– choose which slot to install to.

Fixed V4A install again

rev c
fixed V4A install

rev b
fixed some 3minit installs

Initial release, based off NDE63V
WETA Audio
– V4A
– V4A
3Minit Battery
Center Clock
QS tile mods*
SystemUI tuner mods
– navbar tuner
– brightness slider toggle