WETA Rom for LG V20 -V5.0.7 (H918 + US996 + VS995)

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Please read! Below are 3 different ROM versions. Each is based off a different device firmware base. 

– T-Mobile devices can only use the T-Mobile based version. 

– Verizon devices can use either the VS995 or US996 version. Though you may lose wifi and advanced calling on the US996 version. 

– AT&T devices use the US996 version only. Any other devices haven’t been tested.

5.0.7 changes:
Updated SuperSU to 2.82 stable
Fixed all ICE Sound instances
– Use with caution, with volume down to start!
Added V4A version swapper to WETA Control
ICE Audio now an option for WETA Audio (us996 + vs995)

fixed another install derp

Fixed Kernel install
Added custom fonts back in
WETA Kernel 1.21
– slight GPU overclock

Deodexed version is discontiued as of now. There is really no use for it anymore except for physical zip size


WETA Rom (H91810K – T-Mobile)

MD5 = 444ccc3a45da94743ba77baf49d2e3cb

T-Mobile H918 5.0.7 hybrid ROM Download here



MD5 = a73480a2d4f35db6aa4f4e18d4b98098

Universal US996 5.0.7 hybrid ROM Download here


WETA Rom (VS99514? – VERIZON)

MD5 = 2c22254872387f76fac380bf5c02bfce

Verizon VS995 5.0.7 hybrid ROM Download here


Debloated LG apps, flash with TWRP aroma installer

LG Apps 2.0.3

Fixed q memo install

Fixed File structure


Kernel source –
H918 – https://github.com/mentalmuso/weta_v20_h91810k.git
US996 – https://github.com/mentalmuso/weta_v20_us99610a.git
VS995 – https://github.com/mentalmuso/weta_v20_vs99510b.git


older versions (discontinued deodexed versions)

T-Mobile H918 4.7 ROM (fully deodexed) Download here 

Universal US996 4.7 deodexed ROM Download here

Verizon VS995 4.7 deodexed ROM Download here

WETA Kernel updates
– Fixed FM Radio
– Improved bluetooth
– Added F2FS Support
– Added USB Fast Charge

Updated all roms to latest base now
Added WETA Kernel
– built from common source (h918 based off stock 10K , us996 10a , vs995 10b)
– govs = elementalx, blu_active, darkness, nightmare
– io = fiops, zen, sio, bfq
– lots of tcp congestion options activated
– sdcard fix
– kcal color control
– static fix
Updated High Impedance mod
Fixed LG Theming
Added Display custom calib.cfg
ICE Preset change doesnt need a reboot anymore
Added ICE Ultra to WETA Audio option (No ARISE needed)
May security updates

Added WETA NavBar button theme
Fixed ICE Presets removing V4A and Dolby

Added Disable Wake on Plug
Added Allow all screen rotations
Added Disable High Volume Warning (i think)
Added Remove lockscreen help text
Added Rounded Recents
Added Red and Black color options for rambar

Fixed status bar clock on white background
Fixed VS995 recents mods
Added Do No Disturb in Volume option

Added Recents RamBar mod
Added Recents AppBar mod
Added ICE Audio Ultra to Arise

Added All available SystemUI Tuner hide icon toggles for status bar
Added WETA Rom Control cleanup script to reset app toggles
Added disable heads up notifications
Added Immersive modes
Fixed 3Min clock only stock layout for Second Screen
Added INFO section to ROM Control
Moved fast applying mods to Quick Prefs nav drawer section
Added Shutdown to WETA Reboot
Added Bathsalts ICE Preset

Fixed a Glaring Signboard issue (VS995 – US996)
Added DPI changer
Added hide WIFI icon
Added Lock screen effects
Fixed 3mint AOD left layout

Added WETA Rom Control app
– All mods missing from aroma now reside in here.
Fixed Second Screen crashing when USB plugged in.
Removed Magisk as an option. (sorry)

3Minit home button re aligned
3Minit home button now appears in landscape mode
3Minit home button now dynamically moves with Home Touch layout
All Navbar sizes now resize the Car Dock as well
Added Hide Battery for stock second screen
Fixed LG bug where notifications get cut off in stock second screen status bar

AOD installer fixes
Added option for second screen in screenshot

older changes…
Fixed more installer issues
– No longer losing root
Added 3minit clock top right + net icons top left option for SS
Added Capture signboard in screenshot to build.prop

Fixed Installer issues

Re written aroma and updater scripts completely for better layout
Added No battery option
Added more layout options status bar and second screen
Added Flashing of System/ROM option
– for mod only flashing
Added BusyBox flashing option
Updated BusyBox to 1.26.2
Added 20dpi status bar height to aroma

Added 3Minit home button option
– This means navbar theme home buttons wont work
the back and menu will theme though.
– Added some no 3min battery options for Second Screen.
No point in having 3min battery in second screen with 3min nav.
Added some extra fonts to system, see in 3Minit Clock

Analog clock active in AOD options
more 3minit AOD layout options
Added Google/Pixel Dialer + Contacts

Added Magisk option

Added a few more layout options for second screen
– see screenshots on xda for details
Added SuperSU option in aroma

Tweaked AOD 3minit layout

Fixed position of 3minit battery on AOD.
Fixed Ice preset app
Added Network traffic in Second screen option

Re added 3minit battery on AOD.
Updated ARISE with new ice preset “PURESHIT”
New WETA Ice Preset selection app
New WETA SysTuner app, hides status bar icons, more to co

Fixed V4A and Dolby processing in ARISE install
Fixed 3Minit Clock app install for second screen
Fixed installer script (US996)

Updated ARISE to 2.77
Added HOLYSHIT ice preset

Fixed tmobile/stock shutdown animation removal
Completely customized Second Screen Status Bar
– Added 3minit battery and clock in second screen option to aroma
This activates the custom SS status bar. To use you must set the
“show time while content is shown” option in second screen settings.
Then you need to activate Status bar immersive mode in weta reboot.

Added Dolby Digital Plus option
Updated ARISE to 2.74a
Dolby Atmos DAX and DAP updated
Added 6th ICE Config
Added ICE Presets

Introduced ARISE Sound System Deuteronomy 2.4 as audio engine option
– Selecting ARISE (under WETA Audio selection) will install arise instead of WETA Audio drivers.
There will also be another selection box after that gives you addon options.
– ICE Config selection will popup if ICE selected

Added immersive mode options to weta reboot app

Updated forced high impedance mod

Separated Audio mods so they can be installed independantly from each other
Updated WETA mods sub theme with new WETA nav bar (hollow)
Updated WETA mods sub theme with some status bar signal icons

Added V4A XHifi option
– This mod works great as a standalone eq. I am preferring using the equalizer in this in conjunction with V4A FX. (turn off fire equalizer in V4A FX)
Added WETA mods Substratum toolkit theme
– Has all the nav bar and status bar heights, Nav button themes, some other tweaks. Install Substratum from the play store to use.

3.1.1 – Tidied some files up, removed NavBar button options, Substratum NavBar compatibility baked in
Added 4x custom navbar button options
Added HiFi force high impedance
– use only with hardware that can handle it
or keep volumes low to test
Updated kernel, (was still 10i)
– See 3.0.1 patch zip if coming from 3.0 only

Updated to H91810J
Updated SuperSU to 2.79 SR3
Added AOSP cell signal icon

Added Potato Clock option
Added Carrier label removal option

New system apk patching scripts
– cuts ROM size down a bit
Added left clock
Added auto zipalign script

Updated Dolby Atmos
Added network meter in status bar option

System fixes
Added Bluetooth reset app (WETA BluReset)
– This is a workaround to get effects processing working quickly again while on bluetooth.

1.0 + 1.1
Updated base to H91810i
Removed Carrier label from lockscreen
Removed Carrier label from Notification pulldown
Shrink Status Bar option
Added AOSP Emoji