WETA Mod Snapdragon – 1.5

This ROM has only been tested on the SM-N950F and FD! I take no responsibility for flashing on other forms of the Galaxy Note 8!

1.5 changes:
Added more Bloat Disable options
Added Overlay section
Added Rounded Recents option (overlay)
Swapped navbar height method for overlay, reduces size of app


WETA Mod app for Snapdragon devices

This app is meant to be used with a Snapdragon Note 8 only. You need to have a pre deodexed SystemUI.apk which is what is included with the SAMfail rom so this app should work great with that. You also need to have BusyBox fully installed.

Install the app like a regular user app. Open app and grant root permissions. Go at it. Treat this app as experimental as I do not own the snapdragon device. Though it has been tested. Always backup everything, and have a SystemUI restore method ready. Get on the telegram thread if you need more instruction.

SNAPDRAGON WETA Mod app Download here