WETA Mod for Google Pixel XL

WETA Mod 3.1 (NMF26U)

Ive moved all mods from the now abandoned WETA rom into an Aroma installer that can be flashed over stock rooted firmware. This is based off the NMF26U firmware but should work on NMF26V also.


3.1 changes
Fixed V4A install and swap


How to install…

This is an aroma installer zip that you flash in TWRP.


9th Nov – V3
I have rebuilt all the 3minit, center clock and tile mods with fixes to stop the low battery notification popping up whenever the usb is unplugged. This update may fix random system ui crashes also. Only use on the November batch of firmwares.

7th Nov
All mods updated to work with NDE63X (read labels on files!)

6th Nov
Added 4, 5, 6 Quick setting tile row options

Added a mod for Center Clock only..

updated script to work with both sr3 and sr2 roots
Removed reboot command

2nd Nov
Added all mods for firmware NDE63P
– Be sure to choose the right download for your firmware or you may crash

WETA 5x 3.0 (NMF26F) , Extras 3v1

WETA 3.0

ROM Download here AFH

WETA Extras

WETA NMF26F bootloader/radio flashable zip

NMF26F Vendor.img

Updated to NMF26F 7.1.1


older versions…

WETA 2.0.1
I decided to add SuperSU 2.78 SR3 to auto install with rom as some people are getting good results, and it tested out good for me after a clean install.
– If you have any issues with root use CF-Autoroot

WETA 2.0
Updated to NBD91N Base
Updated ARISE to deut 2.3.3
Removed root for this build (issues)

WETA 1.3
Updated Busybox to 1.25.1
Updated ARISE to deuteronomy V2.1

WETA Extras 1v4
Added 4, 5 and 6 tile option for quicksettings

WETA 1.2
Updated ARISE Deuteronomy to V2.0
Updated Suhide to 0.55
Removed ARISE Numbers (just dead weight now)
Added Google Assistant option

WETA Extras 1v3.1
3minit repairs

WETA Extras 1v2
Fixed 3minit battery
Added 3minit clock

WETA Extras 1v1
This zip has mods,
3minit Battery
navbar heights

WETA 1.1
Initial build
Nexus Launcher
Weta Reboot
WETA Audio
ARISE Numbers
ARISE Deuteronomy
SuperSU 2.78 SR1

WETA 6P 12 (N4F26J) , Extras 11v1


ROM Download here AFH

WETA Extras 11v1

WETA NMF26F bootloader and radio flashable zip

WETA NMF26F vendor.img

Updated to N4F26J (7.1.1)


NBD91K Vendor.img

Updated to SuperSU 2.78 SR4
– First boot tests are pretty good for me.

WETA 10.0.1
Added SuperSU 2.78 SR3
– If you have issues with root use the CF-Autoroot method

Updated Base to NBD91K
Updated ARISE to Deut 2.3.3
Removed root for this build. (issues)
– This means you need to manually root with CF-Autoroot which can be found HERE

WETA 9.4
Updated Busybox to 1.25.1
Updated ARISE to deuteronomy V2.1

WETA 9.3
Updated ARISE Deuteronomy to V2.0
Updated Suhide to 0.55
Removed ARISE Numbers (dead weight)
Added Google Assistant

9v2 Extras
Updated IOS emoji to IOS 10

WETA 9.2
Updated ARise

WETA 9.1
Updated SuperSU to 2.78 SR1
Removed Magisk
Removed vendor.img until next big update
Added Suhide 1.54

WETA 9.0
Updated to NBD90X Base, (oct security patches)
NBD90X Vendor.img included with rom
– This will be done for every new vendor.img version update.

9v1 extras
Added a bunch of fonts

8v3.1 extras
***fixed adblocker installing alongside 6 tile.
Added 4,5 and 6 QS tile options

WETA 8.5
Added A.R.I.S.E Deuteronomy to aroma installer

WETA 8.4
Added OTA updater

8v2 extras
– 3Minit Clock now hidden in lockscreen for all orientations

WETA 8.3
Fixed low call audio when WETA Audio selected as Audio.

WETA 8.3
Added some goodies to WETA Audio
– Sony, HTC Beats, and ALSA drivers and libs. (sounds great)
Hopefully fixed Magisk/PHH apk install

8v1 extras
– updated systemui and framework apks
– added restore stock option
– removed redundant options

WETA 8.2
Set SeLinux to Permissive by default for Magisk install
– V4A and Dolby only work in Permissive mode with magisk.
Removed DPI options, see Dev Settings screen size adjust
Fixed WETA Audio V4A install
Added Tethering hack

WETA 8.1
Added Magisk/Phh root option
Added WETA Audio option (no arise)

WETA 8.0
Updated to NRD90U base
Updated A.R.I.S.E to Numbers V3.5

WETA 7.5
Re-configured how rom is built
Added V4A app version options
Tweaked systemwide audio (soundcloud fix)
Tweaked and re-added in-call volume boost

WETA 7.4
Updated A.R.I.S.E to Numbers V3.4
Added system DPI option (again)
Removed Vendor img install (again)
Added WETA stock V4A installation
– this should fix v4a not showing
in app drawer, and io errors

WETA 7.3
Added back Vendor.img Flashing with rom
Updated A.R.I.S.E to Numbers V3.2 (fixes)
Added V4A cross channel irs convolvers (JoeBloggs)
Added Seperate Esira Music Player install option

Esira is a basic music player developed by the A.R.I.S.E team.
driver io and viper app issues should be fixed
Dolby Atmos should be fixed

WETA 7.2
Removed Vendor.img from install
– I will include the vendor only for new rom bases from now on
Updated SuperSU to 2.78
Updated A.R.I.S.E to Numbers 3.0
Updated V4A to
Added Encore Music Player option
Added Sony Walkman install option
Added optional Dolby Atmos install

WETA 7.1
Updated A.R.I.S.E to Numbers V2.1
Changed a few things in framework for better connectivity
Updated Sony Walkman (music player)

Extras 7v4
Modified framework slightly for connectivity issues
removed System DPI option, System settings has something similar

WETA 7.0.1 (Nougat)
Extras 7v3
Fixed 3minit clock positioning
Removed carrier label in lockscreen when 3minit clock is selected.
Changed some scripting.

Fixed systemwide audio processing
Activated NavBar mods in Systemui tuner
Fixed sim issues for some folks
*updated extras zip with mods above

WETA 7.0 (Nougat)
*kernel install fixed
*vendor now included in rom install
Based off Nougat NRD90M
A.R.I.S.E Numbers V1.8
rooted, busybox
Added Nexus Launcher
WetaReboot, Walkman

*reflashing vendor.img is essential for this update
*Gallery will crash on first boot, but then will be fine.

Updated ROM base to MTC20F
Updated A.R.I.S.E to Leviticus V1.3
Disabled lockscreen rotation
Enabled all VoLTE instances in framework
– this may or may not activate VoLTE

Updated A.R.I.S.E to Leviticus V1.1
– includes major debloating of sound system though the new Atmos actually makes the rom zip bigger…
– includes V7.0 Dolby Atmos

Fixed ADB issues
Updated SuperSU to 2.76 Stable
Restored Potato Clock option to aroma

Be aware, a few things have changed in aroma, you may need to scroll down to see an option or two.
Ive done this in an effort to declutter things.

The rom size is also getting pretty big due to all the SystemUI mods. I am planning on splitting this into two zips, a ROM zip and a MOD or Extras zip.
This will mean you will most likely only have to download one zip per update.

Updated ROM Base to MTC19X
– July Security patches
Added vendor.img
Added radio.img
Added bootloader.img

Updated 3Minit Battery app and smali
Replaced Potato Clock with 3Minit Clock
– Potato clack can be re added if there is a demand for it

Updated to A.R.I.S.E V1.0
Changes to Aroma installer

Updated to A.R.I.S.E RC8.8
Added new IRS files
Added V4A profiles


ROM Download here AFH

Updated A.R.I.S.E to Exodus RC8.1
Added WETA A.R.I.S.E tweaks for 6p
Added NavSwap, swaps Back and Recents buttons

Updated to A.R.I.S.E Exodus RC6
Updated EmojiOne to V2.2

Updated A.R.I.S.E to Exodus RC3
build.prop audio tweaks
New Emoji options
Fixed su.d scripts

WETA is now a Deodex/Odexed hybrid for stability
A.R.I.S.E Updgraded to Exodus RC1 (amazeballs)
Fixed Stock SystemUI.apk
– Stock SystemUI will work with encrypted devices with device startup pin active
Added default music player options to Aroma
– Sony Walkman
– Eleven
– Google Music

WETA V3.0.1
Fixed Streaming video issues
Fixed Streaming music issues
Fixed audio not being system wide
Updated Google Camera
Updated WebView
Removed Battery percentage from Notification pull down
Removed Battery percentage from lockscreen when charging

Updated Base to MTC19V – June security patches
Updated SuperSU to V2.74-2
Sound Mods from V2.1 continue in this version
Fixed lags experienced in V2.1

Great Audio Update…
– A.R.I.S.E audio mod now takes over from
my audio mods (WETA) due to its superior sound.
I have no problem bowing down to something so good. 🙂
— A.R.I.S.E V1.2 with lenovo Atmos installed by default
Updated SuperSU tp 2.72
Kernel mods (init.d, insecure, no DM-verity, no forced encryption)
Updated Adblock hosts file
Updated Emoji to latest unicode 9
Updated ios, twitter emoji
Pre Installed Android N Keyboard
Added/updated on-boot system performance tweaks
– auto zipalign, mediaserver killer for battery, log cleaner
Network tweaks, fstrim, sqlite, ram management

Updated to MHC19T – May Security Patches
Updated busybox ro 1.24.2
SELinux mode option (permissive by default)
Added AOSP Browser, cLock, Eleven Music Player
Kept Google Music

Option to Disable Force encryption.
– Full sdcard wipe needed to complete this, so beware.
Added Dynamic Navbar to Aroma
– This mod colours the nav bar to the status bar colour.
*some apps like facebook, haven’t updated to allow
for this yet.
Added WETA Reboot app
– built from source, links on xda

WETA V1.4.1
Disabled wake on unplug
Allow all rotations
Enabled wifi display
Disabled safe volume warning
Enabled Double tap to wake (all kernels) settings/display
Navbar resize to 36dpi option
Removed all kernel options, installs stock by default.

Fixed Potato clock for all orientations
Added Boost call audio option
Added Emoji options
Added Ad Blocker option
Added Systemwide V4A+Dolby option
– Be aware, this option may change normal volumes.
You use this mod at your own risk, damage to speakers,
may occur if used incorrectly.!


Fixed V4A convolver location
Added Potato Clock mod, (replaces center clock)
Added OTA functionality and app
Updated AK Kernel to V.063


Updated to MHC19Q – April Security Patches
Added AK Kernel Option
Added Sony Clear Audio
Added Sony Xloud
Build.prop tweaks
– Tethering activated
– Miracast activated
– Speed tweaks

vendor.img, bootloader.img and radio.img found – HERE